How does BVI interact with my current health team?

“I have an oncologist and a surgeon already. How will you work with me and my doctors?”

At VCU Baird Vascular Institute (BVI), patients often ask us about working with their current physicians. This is particularly true with patients who come to us for chemotherapy ports.

The answer is that we are always happy to work with patients’ health teams. For port patients, the first step in the process is an order for a port placement from your doctor.

“The BVI team will correspond with your physician(s) about your needs so that together we can determine exactly what kind of port placement is needed based on the care plan that you and your oncologist/surgeon have developed,” said Megan Quinn, manager of BVI.

The day of your port placement, the staff at BVI will walk you through the procedure and answer any questions. You’ll also learn about care of your port as well.

Said Quinn, “We will send you home with information on the use and care of your port and we are a simple phone call away if you need anything after your procedure.”

VCU Baird is located just off Interstate 195 in the near West End at 205 N. Hamilton Street. This stand-alone facility brings the expertise of VCU Medical Center to a convenient neighborhood setting complete with easy parking. For more information, please call (804) 828-2600 or email

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