Patients appreciate BVI’s convenience

In real estate, the famous saying is “location, location, location.” These days, it’s true about medical services as well. Patients appreciate being able to reach their physician and treatments easily. And that’s one of the big ideas behind VCU Baird Vascular Institute (BVI).

Located just off Interstate 195 in the near West End at 205 N. Hamilton Street, BVI brings the expertise of VCU Medical Center to a convenient neighborhood setting. Easy to reach from almost any area of town, BVI is perfect for patients who need non-emergency vascular services.

Services offered at BVI include:

• Port Placement for Cancer Treatment

• Dialysis Access Management

• Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment

• Vascular Ultrasound

• Cosmetic Vein Procedures

“Our location is very convenient, especially for those patients who might be in pain where it’s not the easiest thing to travel,” said Megan Quinn, manager of BVI. “This is a smart location for patients to be seen by great physicians.”

Appointments are convenient and easy, too. BVI strives to accommodate each patient and their physicians. We work to set up appointments quickly.

Patients who do not need a referral may call BVI directly to quickly schedule their appointment. Physicians who need to refer a patient to our team are welcome to call our office. No matter how patients come to BVI, each will receive the same high-quality treatment from specially trained physicians and caring staff that patients at the main medical center receive.

Finally, patients will find plenty of free and convenient parking right in front of the BVI office. For expert knowledgeable care, convenient appointments and easy parking, come to BVI. For more information, please call (804) 828-2600 or email

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